Need a favor? Ask Gratzio

Global marketplace for person-to-person instant services   powered by blockchain

Gratzio dApp

Get any service done for you by locals anywhere in the world. Earn cryptocurrency for doing small favors

Gratz Utility Token

Turn your phone into a magic wand. Charge it with Gratz. The Gratitude token.

Gratzio DAO

Gratzio will be governed by its users after the transition to Decentralized Autonomous Organization in Q2 2021

Gratzio, shovel my driveway Gratzio, mount my TV Gratzio, wash my car Gratzio, deliver flowers Gratzio, drive my car home Gratzio, walk my dog Gratzio, mow my lawn Gratzio, dig my car out of snow Gratzio, bring me beer from a store Gratzio, jump start my car battery Gratzio, stay in line for me Gratzio, clean my apartment Gratzio, hold free parking for me Gratzio, assist me for an hour Gratzio, I need heavy lifting

  • Get it done. Anything, Anywhere, Anytime!

    Describe what needs to be done, the time-frame and the amount of your gratitude in GRATZ tokens. Watch it done by locals in real time.

  • Be a Gratzio. Get paid for doing favors

    Pick-up tokens on the map and do small favors for people who placed them. Convert tokens on the built-in exchange to other cryptocurrency or local fiat. It’s fun and profitable.

Platform Features

  • Secure Wallet
  • Built-in Free Escrow service
  • In-wallet exchange of: BTC, GRAT, ETH, XLM
  • Live work progress video streaming
  • Transaction fee: $0.05
  • Transactions speed: 2-5 seconds
  • Powered by Stellar blockchain

Gratz Token

Symbol: GRAT
Available on:

Pin your problem to the map. Name your price. Get it done by locals anywhere on Earth.

  • I'm on the beach. Bring me frozen yogurt.
  • My car battery died. Need jump-start.
  • Stand in line for me at sneakers release.
  • Hold a free parking for me at city center
  • Get me into this night club.
  • Bring a dozen roses to my location

Be a Gratzio — get paid for performing small tasks.

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Every once in a while, one comes across a "gem" and Gratzio is definitely a brilliant idea. This ICO is worthy of 5 stars across the board and the Gratzio team deserves praise for having achieved already so much in such a short time period...

Eleftherios Jerry Floros ICObench

I could say this project is first of its kind with real-world application. You can ask someone to deliver your food, wash your car, or buy you something hassle-free. That's making life so much easier. This project has a bright future.

Novie Bonn Boga Facebook

I see this project as a creator of jobs opportunities for the whole world in respectful of where you are. This project will create billion of job opportunities just like Uber.

Badmus Taiwo Facebook

Trade Gratz right from your wallet on Stellar Decentralized Exchange:


Gratzio dApp is in maintenance mode and may not be fully functional as our team is working on the upgrade to the version 2.0. Stay tuned!